Simonís List of Things You Might Like to Know


I donít know if the uni is still giving out Athens usernames or if you can go to the library and get one but Dreamspark uses it to check youíre a student. After that thereís a hill of software for download for free totalling about £2000.

To install any of the CD images without wasting a CD/DVD use Daemon Tools . Just remember not to install the toolbar.

Ultimate Steal

Use your uni email address to get cheap things from Microsoft like Windows 7 upgrade for £30 (usually nearer £170) and Office 2007 Ultimate for £40 (usually £400).


Use it to model everything. Itís been developed in the uni so it uses all the standards they want so you canít go wrong with it.

Rocket Dock

Keeps things nice and organised with things at hand.

Access your F Drive

In the ďMy ModulesĒ tab of the portal choose ďINN NetStorageĒ and you can access the F and H drives.

Web Dev Toolbar

Loads of useful tools for when youíre making a website.


Automatically synchronise files and folders. Use it for backups of USB pens, backups to USB pens...anywhere where you need two copies of the same files.

Security Essentials

Free, quick and unobtrusive Anti-most-bad-things.


If you ever find yourself trying to watch a video that just wonít play then the standard pack more than likely fix that for you. Itís packed full of codecs for nearly every form of audio and video thatís used on the PC today.


Zips and unzips almost anything and fast too. Choose the ď.msiĒ version that matches your OS (if in doubt pick 32bit).